eclipse staff

Eclipse Transervices Corporation

 Corporate Office

 P.O. Box 68

 Beatrice, NE 68310-0068

 Voice: 402-223-2411

Fax:      402-223-2401


Our back office and accounting staff

Mark Ron
 Mark     Ron


Operations  brokers

Marci Sheri
Marci Sheri


Marci and Sheri specialize in brokering loads to owner operators and working with customers coast to coast and Canada.  We have loads for End Dumps, Hoppers, Belt Trailers, Pneumatic and Walking Floors.


Operations managers--dedicated dispatch/ brokerS

48 state long haul hopper specialist

VOICE: 308-529-1185     Fax: 402.223.2401

Jennifer Jennifer and Derreck Furse specialize in Dedicated Dispatch and Brokering for Hoppers with long haul freight Coast to Coast and Regional Runs.