brokered loads for owner operators

For carriers that want occasional loads

  • Must be an approved carrier for Eclipse Transervices Corporation
  • Carrier must fill out our Broker Truck Carrier Packet
  • Provide Eclipse Transervices Corporation with a certificate of insurance with Eclipse Transervices Corporation listed as the certificate holder.
  • Up to 40% advance on load after you are loaded for fuel.


Expedited Settlement Options

To take advantage of our Expedited Settlement Options, please fill out and return this form with necessary supporting document(s). All payments will require receiving the appropriate paperwork for processing, based on the Paperwork Procedures and Settlement Options Form.  The Expedited Settlement Options are not available to any carrier currently using a receivable or factoring service.  Please contact our accounting department at  402-223-2411 regarding any questions or to assist you in evaluating the best payment options available, to suit your individual needs.

Expedited Settlement Options: (circle one)

Today Pay             Payment is made within 24 hours of receipt of invoice              *3% of revenue service charge

Quick Pay             Payment is made within 7 days of receipt of invoice                   *2% of revenue service charge

Fast Pay                 Payment is made within 14 days of receipt of invoice                 *1% of revenue service charge


ACH (direct deposit)          NO BANK FEES    * Requires 1 day for initial set up 

Wire                                       $20.00 transaction fee per wire    *Requires 2 days for initial set up. 

T- Check                                $20.00 transaction fee per t-check    *Same day set up. 

Check by mail                      Mailed according to payment option selected above

Booking Loads for you while your on the road

Do not waste another minute looking for loads when we can do the work for you.  We have the experience and knowledge to keep you running and the cash flow coming in.  We set up the best loads and do it at the best possible rate for you.  We can email your load confirmations directly to your smart phone and fax it to your office for your convenience.

Click Here To Download the Broker Truck Owner Operator Packet

Right click the above link and save to your computer.  When you open the packet you will be able to type in the requested information and save a copy to your computer.  Please print out the pages and sign and fax to Eclipse Transervices Corporation @ 402-223-2401 or scan and email to