Canadian provinces permits & authority

Alberta: 403-340-5033 or 403-342-7138
Deregulated in 1997
Driver must carry a copy of the MC authority, IRP cab card with Alberta on it, IFTA permit/ sticker, and Insurance cab card, tractor cannot exceed 244” {center of steer to center of tandems} if over total length of combination cannot exceed 65.5’ {bumper to end of load} If not on IRP at present, can have letter of temporary authority.


British Columbia: Insurance Company needs to call 604-443-4450, issue a form -E, BC needs to be on the IRP, and a $30.00 fee will have to be paid by the insurance company. The authority expires only when the carrier changes insurance companies. If tractor exceeds 245” {center of steer to center of tandems} then combination cannot exceed 65.5’. There is a $30.00 per month fee for as long as the carrier has authority in BC. This fee is also required if a temporary is issued as well. Insurance should have all required information for permanent authority. A temporary permit can be issued at port of entry. A fee of $41.00 is good for 30 days or Duration of the trip, which ever comes first, paid with T-check, visa, master card, or cash, driver can obtain or can be called in. If we have leased trucks that are not on our IRP, they will have to acquire their own permit or permit in their name as it appears on the IRP. This will take 4-6 weeks.


Manitoba: 205-945-3961
Tractor wheelbase cannot exceed 244”, if over, tractor and trailer combination cannot exceed 65’6” Spread on trailer cannot exceed 6’ if over, cannot exceed 20,000 per axle, registration on tractor needed, IFTA fuel # needed {Fed ID #} Net weight of the load & get permit after loaded. Can obtain permit Mon. – Fri. 7:30 am – 6:00 pm Temporary permits can be issued over the phone with a credit card only. Permits are not faxed or mailed; a number is issued over the phone, and then will need to be relayed to the driver. Permits are good for the duration of the trip, or when driver leaves Manitoba. Obtain a weight / distance permit, $25.00 fee, keep track of miles traveled for tax return. Permanent Authority: 204-945-8915 IRP through base state need a copy of MC certificate of authority, If Inc. will need copy of articles of corporation. Will need a form E sent by Insurance agent, could fax to 204-945-8416  Application for authority will have to be mailed with a check or fill in form for credit card payment, no credit card over the phone, will not fax a copy of authority. A $200.00 one-time fee for authority expires every Feb. with a fee of $50.00 per year. 2 – 4 weeks to process.


New Brunswick: 506-453-2215
NB must be on the IRP, or letter of authority showing NB registered with the base state. NB does not issue temps; need to go through a permit agent. Nova: 800-567-7775 will issue a 5-day permit for $115.00 plus $24.00 filling fee. Comdata: 800-463-4822 will issue a 5-day permit for $120.00 plus $26.00 filling fee.


Ontario: 905-704-2500
Can obtain single trip permit for $100.00, 7 day permit for $100.00 covers all fleet, or permanent for $175.00 Covers all fleet for 1 year. All permits need to be acquired 1 day in advance, Trip permits can be done over the phone, Permanent can take up to 2-3 weeks, Will mail an application, (this is a 32 page application). Will also send a credit card voucher form for payment. Vehicle combination Length cannot exceed 75’ no restriction length for tractor. Motion is in the parliament to have authority deregulated, could be as early as next year.



Saskatchewan: 306-7758-6969
Can obtain a permit 24/7 Will bill Co. at end of Month. No payment over the phone accepted.
Need information on where truck entered port of entry, highways traveled, loading where, delivering where. Need license plate #, registration information, type of cargo, total weight, number of axles, IFTA sticker displayed. 75’6” max length, Based on the information we gave them on length, axels and weight a 50 mile trip out of Saskatchewan is around $17.00 and a 100 mile trip out of Saskatchewan is around $29.00, Permit good for duration of trip. Will issue a 10 digit # over the phone, relay information to driver. Permanent Authority: No fee if on the IRP.


Quebec: 888-461-2433
Register with the Inspector General of Quebec for a fee of $212.00, carrier will be issued a Quebec Enterprise Number. The Inspector will then register the carrier with the Quebec Transportation Commission for a fee of $108.00, Then Quebec will issue a NIR #, this permit is good for 1 year, QEN is good for duration of business existence. Vehicle cannot exceed 65’6” No longer issuing temp permits. Must send by mail or FedEx; send 3 copies 1 being an original. This process can take 4 – 6 weeks