Americas Dry Bulk & Organic Specialist Since 1992


Eclipse Transervices Corporation offers the easiest most cost-effective and reliable transportation solution. 

Eclipse Transervices Corporation has been in the freight brokering business since 1992 and is a licensed and bonded freight broker providing service throughout the United States and Canada. Our time tested relationships with our shippers and authorized carriers allow us to provide transportation solutions for nearly every need. We specialize in dry bulk and dry bulk organic transportation including all types of grain, rice, flour, feed ingredients and food grade commodities. If the product needs to be hauled by a bulk truck Eclipse Transervices Corporation can provide transportation services for you. (Eclipse Transervices Corporation does not handle any Hazardous Material products.) We have experience in hauling meat and bone products along with our high level of accountability following Federal rules and regulations that must be followed as well as the individual requirements of different facilities.

Eclipse Transervices Corporation keeps our approved carriers current with loading and unloading requirements and regulations. We monitor the entire load from dispatch, to loading and unloading, providing exceptional service for our customers from a staff that will go above and beyond customer's expectations.

One telephone call to Eclipse Transervices Corporation will save hours of frustration. Eliminate the time spent monitoring various carriers tracking shipments, Eclipse Transervices Corporation will do it for you. Eclipse Transervices Corporation provides digital imaging services and maintains digital images of all shipping and receiving documents for years. We also offer billing via email to eliminate mail time, lost & damaged mail, and paper handling with files you can review, print or store on your server immediately as a PDF file. We continue to utilize cutting edge technology to ensure our ability to provide the best service we can.